IT Summer Project by Ryan Holloway

Computer Systems Manager


Computer Systems Managers usually possess a bachelor's degree or equivalent in a computer-related subject like management information systems, information science or computer science, though some employers may prefer managers with educational experience at the graduate level. A bachelor's degree program takes four years to complete with an additional two years being necessary if a master's degree or equivalent is pursued. The coursework for these two programs focuses on subjects like computer engineering, statistics, mathematics, systems design, database management, systems security and networking.


An Computer Systems Manager is responsible for the computer systems within a company. They:

-Oversee installation of computer systems.

-Ensure back-up systems operate effectively.

-Purchase hardware and software on behalf of the company for company use.

-Provide the ICT technology infrastructures for an organisation.

-Contribute to organisational policy regarding quality standards and strategic planning.

Standard responsibilities are likely to include:

-Evaluating user needs and system functionality and ensuring that ICT facilities meet these needs.

-Planning, developing and implementing the ICT budget, obtaining competitive prices from suppliers, to ensure cost effectiveness.

-Scheduling upgrades and security backups of hardware and software systems.

-Guaranteeing the smooth running of all ICT systems, including anti-virus software, print services and email provision.

-Managing crisis situations, which may involve complex technical hardware or software problems.

Personal Qualities

The employee must be able to/have:

-Have good organisational skills.

-Have good communicational skills.

-Have the ability to work under pressure.

-Be able to speak a variety of languages because some organisations require cross continental companies to supply them with software and system parts.